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Saint Martin is a split between Dutch territory of Sint Maarten and French Collectivity of Saint Martin. The French side is known for elegance and comfort. There are luxurious resorts, public beaches, restaurants with finest dining and much more. Dutch side on the other hand is a busy center for tourism and trade. Much more developed and informal both at the same time. Traveling between Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, tourists would find almost every type of activity.

The best way to get around St. Maarten and St. Martin is by using a Taxi as transportation. It is a best way to navigate between Dutch and French sides. A Taxi gives you more mobility and the rates are quite reasonable. If you are in Saint Martin/Saint Maarten for vacations, here are few places you should visit.

5 Places to visit using a Taxi in Saint Martin/Saint Maarten

You can freely travel between Dutch and French sides, all you need is a valid passport. You might also have to show return ticket and proof of sufficient funds for the stay. If you fulfil these requirements then you are ready for a perfect vacation.

  1. Orient bay (St. Martin)

This beach is the center of attention for party lovers. There is a constant activity on orient, from windsurfing to eating and drinking, from people gazing to live music. The only thing that this beach may not be good for is swimming. Many people have reported that there is undertow and raucous waves. If you want to swim you can head to Friar’s Bay.

  1. Cupecoy Beach (St. Maarten)

It is located on Southwest of the Island. People say that the sunset is unbelievable, with dramatic view of the distance. Travelers can enjoy their day on beach bars, or by buying alcohol from local vendors. It is GLBT friendly beach, and people should beware of northwest-end which is clothing optional. It won’t take much money if you use a Taxi and visit this beautiful beach.

  1. Loterie Farm (St. Martin)

You can bike, hike or mediate on farmland and 150 acres of forest near foot of Pic du Paradis. You can enjoy lunch or dinner in hidden forest café. Many visitors praise the amazing staff at loterie farm. If you are an adventurous person and not afraid of bruises and bumps then you will surely have a lot of fun.

  1. Front Street (St. Maarten)

If you love shopping, take a Taxi and head straight to Front Street, you will find great bargains in Phippsburg. You can head over to eastern side of the front Street if you love to invest money on Casinos and slot machines. Front Street is always crowded, especially when there is a cruise ship docked. You can go for window shopping on back street or dip in great bay.

  1. Casino Royale (St. Maarten)

There are 13 casinos in St. Maarten, and best of them is Casino Royale. People say that this place is showy and flashy, but game lowers don’t visit there for its beauty. There are more than 400 slot machines and 20 tables featuring various games. You can Visit for free, but you have to pay to play games.

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